The team at Envision Engineering believes in substantial performance through experiencing the vast options of work available. We tend to provide creative and monumental alternatives in terms of transportation engineering and management through accompaniment with studies of various modes of transport. And so, we aim to achieve excellence in every minor and major component of transportation research. The exertion conducted is as follows:


We have the privilege for braodcasting traffic exploration activities relating to pedestrian travel across roads of Pakistan. This type of work has always been a rare artifact considering it for a minute nature however; it is an essential term of transportation planning.


Another chief triumph of Envision Engineering includes research on cycling mode. This type of travel mode demands different design as compared to pedestrian as well as motorists hence traffic calming measure along with extended traffic details are evaluated to certain the optimal usage of cycles.


Car is the majorly leading mode of transport and an essential part all studies carried out by transportation means. Transit conducted through car is noticed in various projects. We have concluded several projects in this regard all over Pakistan and also internationally.


Water bound transport includes Ships, Vessels, boat etc. Such a transport mode is useful for projects recognizing Generation of traffic from various ports, their capacity analysis and demand forecasting as well.


The second usual mode of passenger travel is bus. Current projects include investigation and evaluation of public transport facilities, provisions for Mass transit implementation and Traffic Improvement Scenarios.


Freight Transportation in Pakistan is usually carried through Trucks, trailers and other type of rubber tyred prime movers. Our firm has been prominently involved in conductance of analysis and tasks relating to staging sections, demand modeling and various other mechanisms involving this mode of transport.


Rail links are specific for strategic development of the country hence attains much importance. Varying projects have been consulted as regards to new Railway lines as well as Rehabilitation of the existing Rail Links.