Transportation and Land-use planning decisions are interdependent: transport planning decisions affect Land-use development, and Land-use conditions affect transport activity. These relationships are complex, with various interactive effects. Land-use patterns affect accessibility, people’s ability to reach desired services and activities, which affects mobility i.e. the amount and type of travel activity. There are different Land-use factors identified in the research studies that effect individual travel behavior such as Accessibility, Density, Mix Land-use, Connectivity, Transit Accessibility and Local Activity Self-sufficiency (i.e. Urban Villages). All of these factors were considered during the design of this Project.

Envision Engineering has been hired as a Sub-Consultant to carry out Road Design Engineering for the project. The scope of work includes:

  • Traffic surveys
  • Classified count surveys
  • Axle load surveys
  • Calculation of design load and design life and maintenance guidelines
  • Preliminary design and development of drawings of the following
    • Geometric Design on Auto Cad Civil 3D 2013
    • X-section drawings
    • General arrangement drawings
    • Pavement design
    • Road furniture drawings
    • Curb drawings
    • Traffic island, foot path and median design and drawings
  • Specifications, BOQ and estimates of the design