Following tasks were assigned to Envision Engineering as their scope of services required by the lead firm for the above referenced Project.

  1. To Provide Assistance in the following:
    1. Desk study on maps & satellite imagery validated by Reconnaissance visit
    2. Alignment options and recommended alignment with comparisons
    3. Satellite image of entire corridor with recommended option duly marked on it
    4. Presentation of alignment and Cross-section for approval from Project Office
    5. Exact detail for Project at grade, grade separated, intersection, interchanges
    6. Preparation of Reports, related drawings etc.


  1. Additional services require are as follows
    1. Confirmatory Peak Hour Surveys on important Junctions
    2. Peak Hour Surveys on U – Turns
    3. Capacity Analysis of operation / design conditions
    4. Traffic signal design and phasing plans
    5. Traffic Micro Simulation of different options proposed