The Project will contribute (Insha’Allah) to developing a sustainable UTS in Peshawar through the delivery of a BRT corridor, focusing on accessibility and people’s mobility needs. It will aim at organizing the urban growth and public space along the selected corridor through a transit-oriented urban development (TOD) strategy integrating land-use, making the city more livable, providing a holistic solution for integrated urban mobility, and bearing a demonstration effect as no modern mass-transit system exists in the city yet. The project will consist of the following two interlinked outputs.

Think Transportation in Joint Venture with Design Mobility and BRT Plan executed this Project. In this Project think transportation was responsible for Traffic Surveys including traffic volume count surveys, Travel Speed and Delay Surveys, fare structure surveys, Road User Interview Surveys, Bus Route Confirmatory Surveys, Boarding and Alighting Surveys, Occupancy Surveys etc., Traffic Simulation, Non-Motorized Transport Planning which includes various surveys to accomplish the task for example Frontage Surveys, Off and On Street Parking Surveys, Side Walk Surveys Obstruction Surveys, Junction Geometry Surveys and Design, Transit Oriented Development and Conceptual Design of BRT Corridor and allied facilities.