Flyovers in Pakistan were planned by district government to reduce the traffic jam caused by the people here in Hyderabad. The construction for first flyover started in 2009 and at present there are six flyovers in Hyderabad. These include latifabad Unit 7, Halanaka, Sakhi Abdul Wahab flyover near railway station, Hosh M. Sheedi flyover at latif chowk, Shahbaz qalandar flyover at shahbaz chowk and ghulam shaikh kalhoro flyover at railway crossing on Hyderabad-Mirpukhas road.

The purpose of the study was to assess the post construction condition of Hosh Muhammad Sheddi Junction after the construction of Flyover and to suggest the mitigation measures that are required for providing ease in congestion to the traffic moving under the flyover. The activities performed for this projects are; Turning movement count surveys, Midblock count surveys, Intersection count surveys, Intersection capacity analysis, Travel demand studies, Traffic analysis & simulation (micro scale), Geometric improvement study, suggestions for efficient alternatives.