In the past few years, traffic volumes are on the rise not only in the urban regions of Pakistan but also on rural roads due to various economic factors. The project “Construction of BHAWALPUR, HASILPUR AND BHAWALNAGER (79 KM) Rural Highway of Punjab on PPP mode” instigated by the government of Punjab, aims to establish roadway infrastructure required in the rural Punjab.

The Consultant has carried out traffic studies for the aforementioned project to gather traffic data, particularly midblock volume counts surveys, intersection volume counts surveys, willingness-to-pay surveys, road user interview survey, fare structure surveys and origin and destination surveys at different identified roads connecting small towns & Cities. After collection of all the data a comprehensive transportation model was developed using the transportation modelling software to extract all the demand on the roads being subject to improvement as a part of this Project. This demand was further utilized by think transportation traffic engineering team to determine the pre and post construction level of services and various other traffic engineering parameters.